Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dennis Kain, FACHE, Senior Vice President, Tyler & Company

Today’s guest is Dennis Kain, Senior Vice President at Tyler & Company, an executive search firm specializing in the placement of healthcare, academic, and life sciences executives. Dennis has been involved in executive search for twenty years. Prior to working in executive search, Dennis was involved in healthcare delivery, working his way up through various leadership roles in a national hospital management firm, and ultimately serving as CEO of Lower Bucks Hospital, a community hospital in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

In this podcast I talk with Dennis about his career, and how his leadership experiences in healthcare delivery inform his work in executive search today, and how executive search firms work with their clients to find the right executives to fill the right jobs. We conclude with a discussion about leadership and Dennis offers advice for early careerists.

Links to the Podcast:

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Podcast Outline

Time        Topic
0:01:40 background and education - coming to healthcare
0:03:23 Warminster Hospital - Administrative Resident to COO
0:07:06 MEDIQ
0:12:46 becoming permanent CEO of Lower Bucks
0:13:21 about Lower Bucks
0:15:20 preparation for the CEO role
0:16:19 biggest changes implemented as CEO
0:19:30 strategic issues faced as CEO
0:22:02 transitioning to executive search
0:25:04 retained vs. contingent search
0:29:05 what makes a good executive recruiter
0:31:22 advice on internet presence for professionals
0:32:44 the search process
0:36:04 executive coaches
0:37:10 the importance of fit
0:39:22 working with the search committee to clarify the needs
0:40:50 what commonly goes wrong during  search process
0:42:01 what do executive search consultants have to educate clients on most
0:43:55 what do candidates need to be educated on about the process
0:45:27 about Tyler & Co.
0:47:16 when to contact an executive search company
0:49:16 do candidates reach out to search companies
0:51:24 the impact of LinkedIn and social media on search
0:53:14 the importance of developing networking skills
0:55:32 recommendation for maintaining and growing your network
0:57:40 leadership philosophy
0:59:34 characteristics of a good leader
1:02:03 what is organizational culture?
1:03:09 mentorship
1:04:05 recommendations for early careerists

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Levittown, PA

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