Saturday, July 15, 2017

Joni Spring, Director of Outpatient Nursing and Clinic Operations for DHMC

Today’s guest is Joni Spring, the Director of Outpatient Nursing and Clinic Operations for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is a large academic medical center, and Joni’s responsibilities include all of the outpatient nursing operations.

Joni has had over 30 years of experience as nurse, most of that time as a nurse leader and nurse executive. In this podcast we talk about Joni’s passion for nursing, a field she always knew was going to be her life’s work from the time she was a small child.

I really enjoyed talking with Joni because she is clearly an authentic leader. She is quite candid in the interview about her many successes as well as some of her most difficult failures. Her story is well worth listening to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Full Length:

Podcast Outline (applies to full length interview)

Time         Topic
0:01:34 education and background
0:04:34 Pediatrics at the Albert Einsteen Medical Center
0:07:51 learning about boundaries with patients
0:13:16 pediatric unit vs. pediatric intensive care
0:14:11 coming back to NH - the Elliot Health System
0:16:34 about the Elliot, growth into a "system"
0:18:29 clinical identity
0:19:34 hiring for the "shining eyes"
0:21:04 transitioning to clinical nurse manager
0:22:54 taking on first management role while pregnant
0:26:01 from colleague to supervisor
0:27:56 physician-nurse relationship
0:32:27 the art of nursing - being and knowing
0:34:57 from clinical nurse manager to director of EMS
0:37:49 becoming a senior leader - broadening scope
0:40:02 developing emotional intelligence
0:43:05 moving from first line supervisor to manager - letting go
0:45:29 director of patient care services
0:47:49 learning to manage areas without having expert knowledge
0:50:08 CNO and VP of Patient Care Services at The Elliot
0:52:48 Organizational politics at the top
0:55:28 Points of pride as CNO
0:59:09 recovering from professional setbacks
1:02:08 Norris Cotton Cancer Center, DHMC
1:04:55 referral to the NCCC
1:06:26 joining the DHMC team - a professional hug
1:08:47 promoted to director of outpatient nursing and clinical operations
1:11:02 how does role fit into nursing structure at DHMC
1:11:36 bringing health policy down to the practice level
1:14:54 population health projects at DHMC
1:16:55 practicing at the top of one's license
1:20:15 how has nursing changed over her career - advanced practice nurses
1:22:37 advice to her early careerist self
1:23:28 leadership philosophy
1:28:15 characteristics of a good leader - always share the "why"
1:31:02 a difficult leadership lesson learned the hard way
1:32:51 what does she look for in a leader?
1:33:24 organizational culture - must be intentional
1:36:59 what does a good mentor do?
1:38:37 formal mentoring at DHMC
1:40:52 book recommendations for early careerists
1:44:14 advice to early career healthcare leaders

Topics Discussed:

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System

Norris-Cotton Cancer Center

The Elliot Health System

Einstein Medical Center

The Art of Possibility - Ben Zander

Interview with Karen Clements

University of New Hampshire Department of Nursing

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