Saturday, February 15, 2020

Eileen Keefe, Chief Nursing Officer, Parkland Medical Center

Today's guest is Eileen Keefe, the Chief Nursing Officer at Parkland Medical Center in Derry, New Hampshire. Parkland Medical Center is part of the country's largest for-profit health system, HCA Healthcare

This interview was special because Eileen is interviewed by her daughter Sara Elmendorf, a junior in Health Management and Policy here at UNH. Sara and Eileen talk about Eileen's career, starting as a nurse at Beth Israel Hospital , up through her role with Parkland. They conclude with a discussion of leadership, and Eileen gives advice to young people interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. 

(Sara and Eileen)

Podcast Outline

Time       Topic
0:01:33 Boston College for Nursing
0:04:19 1st job at Beth Israel - "primary nursing"
0:06:02 making the transition to practice
0:07:50 med surge to ER
0:10:12 coming to Parkland
0:13:25 masters degree in nursing leadership at UNH
0:15:16 about Parkland Medical Center and HCA
0:18:03 difference between for-profit and non-profit hospitals
0:19:33 competition in healthcare
0:21:10 how has healthcare and nursing evolved during her career
0:22:37 transition from direct patient care to leadership
0:23:45 merger trend in healthcare
0:25:28 moving from nurse educator to VP of quality
0:26:24 mentoring and mentorship
0:29:16 becoming the CNO of Parkland
0:30:41 scope of the CNO
0:31:33 a day in the life of the CNO
0:35:08 working with the senior leadership team
0:36:15 management metrics for the hospital
0:39:41 greatest challenges facing the CNO
0:40:37 what are the big changes in healthcare coming?
0:43:05 advanced practice nurses (APRNs)
0:45:11 policy changes for access to care
0:45:59 career goals, pursuing a DNP
0:47:55 leadership philosophy
0:51:10 organizational culture
0:53:47 leadership lesson learned the hard way
0:55:11 professional organizations
0:56:44 for a career in health, why nursing and/or nursing leadership
0:58:17 book recommendation for early careerists
1:00:30 advice to young people seeking a career in healthcare graduating from college

Links to Topics Discussed

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Beth Israel Hospital

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