Monday, November 15, 2021

Andrew Calkins, CEO of Sage Family of Companies

Today’s guest is Andrew Calkins, the CEO of Sage Family of Companies. Andrew has extensive experience as a healthcare executive in a wide range of healthcare delivery organizations including long-term care, hospice, home health, and outpatient mental health. In this podcast, we talk about how he went from a clerk in the mailroom to managing complex, geographically dispersed organizations. Andrew’s career journey put him in contact with several private equity firms as he went through numerous mergers and acquisitions. We talk about what it is like to lead through a sale, and we talk about how private equity operates. I think one of the key take-aways from Andrew’s story, especially for early careerists, is how important professional reputation is, and how important it is to build a strong professional network. 

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Interview Outline

0:01:50 Fitchburg State, 1st Gen College 
0:04:11 transitioning into finance 
0:12:55 building positions around good people 
0:14:08 working in a start-up LTC organization 
0:15:58 what had he learned in his early career 
0:19:30 changes in payment forced rapid change in LTC 
0:21:01 cost plus to PPS 
0:23:38 becoming a CFO for an LTAC 
0:31:18 becoming CEO of the LTAC 
0:37:35 bringing the LTAC to market
0:40:46 joining another start-up
0:43:12 cultivating personal professional networks
0:53:23 switching to the acquisition side
0:54:12 pediatric home care and private equity ownership
1:04:13 Community Intervention Services
1:08:35 difference between managing in LTC to outpatient mental health
1:11:30 CEO of Sage Family of Companies
1:12:22 about private equity
1:20:58 organizational effectiveness
1:21:40 how has his leadership thinking evolved
1:22:47 growing young leaders
1:24:57 how to establish yourself professionally
1:27:24 where does satisfaction come from?

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