Friday, March 15, 2019

Alex Walker, Executive Vice President and COO, Catholic Medical Center

Today’s guest is Alex Walker, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. Alex took an unusual route to senior leadership in the healthcare field. Prior to joining Catholic Medical Center in 2012, he spent more than twenty years practicing corporate law and litigation at one of New Hampshire’s largest and most prestigious law firms.

In the podcast we talk about Alex’s journey from his early experiences in the Marine Corps, to what it was like to rise to become President of Devine and Millimet, and ultimately his decision to change careers and industries and join the team at Catholic Medical Center.

What I thought was especially interesting about Alex’s story was how he described the experience of joining a mission driven non-profit hospital, and how important that was to him. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Podcast Outline

Time Topic
0:01:27 Becoming a Marine - growing up, diversity
0:08:34 coming home, Umass Boston - first in family to go to college
0:13:55 law school at Northeastern
0:18:13 joining the firm of Divine Millimet in Manchester, NH
0:22:27 the partnership model of law firms
0:25:47 commercial litigation
0:27:11 defending Catholic Medical Center during de-merging
0:31:25 becoming Chairman of Divine Millimet
0:35:29 what do people misunderstand about the practice of law
0:38:06 coming to CMC
0:42:24 about CMC
0:46:37 from general counsel to COO
0:51:17 inernal focus of the COO
0:53:27 Granite One System
0:58:32 Affiliation with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health
1:03:40 leadership philosophy
1:04:55 how did leadership style change coming from law to healthcare
1:06:37 influences on his leadership style
1:11:23 organizaitonal culture
1:13:53 importance of mentors
1:16:15 advice to early careerists

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