Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Tyler Jamison, PhD, UNH Human Development and Family Studies

Today’s guest is my colleague Dr. Tyler Jamison, associate professor of Human Development and Family studies here at the University of New Hampshire. Tyler is an expert in the field of young adult romantic relationships. I asked Tyler to join me today because romantic relationships are an important part of health and leading a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

In this podcast we talk about how Tyler came to study emerging adults and romantic relationships, what emerging adulthood is, and ultimately how leaders should understand that emerging adults have unique needs particular to their life-stage. 

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Topics Discussed

Tyler Jamison home page

UNH Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Assembly Required - Prof. Jamison's blog on Psychology Today

Article: Relationship form and function: Exploring meaning-making in young adults' romantic histories

Article: Identifying a Typology of Emerging Adult Romantic Relationships: Implications for Relationship Education

Article: Feeling Stuck: Exploring the Development of Felt Constraint in Romantic Relationships

Miami University

University of Missouri - Human Development and Family Science