Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Sean Stevenson, SVP of Operations, Genesis HealthCare

Today’s guest is Sean Stevenson. Sean a Senior Vice President for Operations with Genesis HealthCare, and responsible for Genesis’s 110 skilled nursing facilities in New England. Sean is an alumnus of the University of New Hampshire and holds a degree in Health Management and Policy, which of course is my department. In this interview, Sean talks about his journey in the long-term care field and all the rewards and challenges it presents. Sean and I both share the opinion that the long-term care field is underappreciated for the opportunity it represents to young people who are interested in a meaningful career in healthcare. 



Podcast Outline (Applies to full-length recording)
Time     Topic
0:01:28 Majoring in health management - a vision of managed care
0:05:38 discovering long term care by accident
0:11:06 starting in Long Term Care as a business office manager
0:14:57 pursuing an Adminstrator in Training (AIT) opportunity
0:17:08 what is an AIT
0:21:21 organizational structure of a skilled nursing facility
0:24:43 first role as an Administrator - empty briefcase
0:29:01 learning by experience and mistakes - learning to hold people accountable
0:30:40 how should young leaders establish credibility
0:33:18 categories of patients
0:38:27 industry shift from custodial care to rehabilitation
0:40:52 70-80% of patients are on Medicaid
0:43:01 traditional long term care - activities of daily living (ADLs)
0:45:09 memory support/dementia care
0:45:36 mental health/behavioral units and recovery
0:47:16 skilled nursing vs. assisted living
0:49:01 moving up to managing multiple facilities
0:53:36 developing a skill at improving organizations - "API"
0:57:31 moving on, becoming a regional vice president with 6 buildings
1:01:42 adding multiple states to his portfolio - policy and culture diversity - 18 buildings
1:05:18 how did leadership style evolve with a larger portfolio
1:08:43 surviving corporate acquisitions - acquired by Genesis
1:11:10 promoted to senior vice president with Genesis - 110 buildings
1:14:43 standardization efforts within the system
1:17:50 using management metrics
1:19:16 a day in the life of Sean Stevenson
1:21:22 how his role fits into Genesis's other operations
1:23:29 consolidation trends in long term care
1:25:16 financial challenges of LTC despite demographics
1:30:34 being creative around labor
1:33:58 what keeps him up at night
1:35:59 shaping corporate culture
1:39:58 leadership philosophy
1:44:12 why long term care as a career?

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