Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Timothy D. King, VP of Business Development, G. Greene Construction

Today's guest is Timothy King, Vice President of Business Development for G. Greene Construction, a construction firm specializing in healthcare facilities. Tim has a long history of working business development for construction firms, starting with his father's commercial real estate development firm, moving on to work with civil construction, including the Big Dig in Boston, and finally specializing in healthcare construction. In this podcast we talk about the construction industry and business development in general, and then focus in on how business development in healthcare construction works. Tim talks with a lot of passion about his work, and I learned a bunch about a side of healthcare that I personally have not been directly involved in all that much.

Prior to recording the podcast, Tim was able to give me a tour of the new ICU that his firm, G. Greene, had just completed at Lowell General. We talk about the project quite a bit during the podcast, so I have included some pictures of the facility below.

(We recorded the podcast at Lowell General, so at a few points you will hear announcements from the intercom, and even a lullaby is played, indicating a new baby was born during the recording.)

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Podcast Outline

Time               Topic
0:01:47 Business and Econ at Stonehill College
0:03:14 starting in construction - family business - 
                        A.J. Lane & Co./King-Guanci Development
0:05:16 Modern Continental Construction
0:06:49 The Big Dig
0:07:42 defining "business development"
0:09:07 healthcare construction - director of Business Development for 
                        Suffolk's healthcare division
0:11:37 selling to municipal vs. institutional (hospital) buyers
0:15:48 the challenges of business development - winning and rejection
0:22:27 opportunities through relationships
0:23:54 starting a healthcare practice for the real estate firm of Jones, Lang, Lasalle
0:31:32 starting his own business development agency
0:34:35 business development for G. Greene Construction
0:36:18 securing a project - Lowell General ICU
0:39:20 planning a team for a construction project
0:43:28 winning a project is about relationship chemistry
0:44:27 how architect and construction firm work together
0:46:22 challenges of building an ICU expansion in a functioning hospital
0:47:37 managing the project - hiring the subcontractors
0:50:17 factors that led to the unique design of the Lowell ICU project
0:55:55 what drives the high cost of healthcare space?
1:01:02 the future of healthcare - and the future of healthcare construction
1:03:04 lessons learned from his career
1:04:54 what do people get wrong about healthcare construction?
1:08:17 why administrators should understand healthcare construction

Pictures of the Lowell General ICU:

Topics Discussed:

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