Monday, July 15, 2019

Jake Poore, President and Chief Experience Officer, Integrated Loyalty Systems

Today’s guest is Jake Poore, President and Chief Experience Officer of Integrated Loyalty Systems. Jake and his team consult with healthcare organizations around the country on how to improve the patient experience. Jake draws on 18 years of experience with Disney to help healthcare organizations improve how they care for patients. In this podcast, we talk about Jake’s career at Disney, then what it was like breaking out on his own and founding Integrated Loyalty systems. We also talk about his recently published book, 99 Lessons Learned from Disney To Improve The Patient Experience, which I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about ways to improve the patient experience.

Abridged version:
Full length version:

Podcast Outline (applies to full length version)
Time     Topic
0:01:27 coming to Disney
0:06:57 what drew him to Disney
0:08:27 getting the teaching bug
0:09:05 ten 2-year careers
0:09:47 first teaching opportunity
0:10:57 designing organizational development and change
0:14:47 launching on the Euro-Disney
0:18:43 Frnaklin-Covey, learning the healthcare industry
0:21:10 recruited back to Disney to launch the Disney Institute
0:24:27 launching the healthcare division of the Disney Institute
0:30:52 learning healthcare to improve healthcare
0:35:41 founding Integrated Loyalty Systems - making the leap to entrepreneurship
0:39:18 the founding team of ILS
0:39:57 finding first customers
0:43:37 Jake's book, "99 Lessons Learned from Disney to Improve the Patient Experience"
0:48:33 creating a culture with intention
0:52:47 lesson #30 - "localize your culture" - "we create happiness…"
0:57:52 lesson #58 & 59 - "caring out loud"
1:01:48 lesson #95 - "culture of always"
1:06:45 lesson #99 - "developing an organization true north" - connecting to purpose
1:09:03 why do we need patient experience officers?
1:15:15 leadership philosophy - asking, don't tell
1:18:03 what makes a good leader
1:19:29 advice to early careerists
1:22:00 about Jake on the Web

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