Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Stephanie Nadolny, VP of Hospital Operations, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod

Today’s guest is Stephanie Nadolny. Stephanie is the Vice President of Hospital Operations, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod and the Vice President of Ancillary Services, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. Stephanie started her career in therapeutic recreation and has worked in rehabilitation services for thirty years. In this podcast we talk about Stephanie’s journey from an entry-level clinician to running a 60 bed rehabilitation hospital and helping to lead a rehabilitation services network. I really enjoyed talking with Stephanie not just because she happens to be a two-time UNH alumna, but also because she is a truly authentic leader.

Abridged version: https://anchor.fm/healthleaderforge/episodes/Stephanie-Nadolny--VP-of-Hospital-Operations--Spaulding-Rehabilitation-Hospital-Cape-Cod-abridged-egra7h
Full length version: https://anchor.fm/healthleaderforge/episodes/Stephanie-Nadolny--VP-of-of-Hospital-Operations--Spaulding-Rehabilitation-Hospital-Cape-Cod-full-egra5r
iTunes: https://listen.stitcher.com/yvap/?af_dp=stitcher://episode/64604933&af_web_dp=https://www.stitcher.com/episode/64604933

Interview Outline (full-length)
Time      Topic
0:01:24 UNH and Therapeutic Recreation
0:06:45 health reform and Therapeutic Recreation (TR)
0:09:38 beginning in TR in education
0:11:04 TR Thereapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston
0:12:54 becoming a supervisor - "finding your legs"
0:15:41 Masters in Healthcare Administration at UNH
0:17:49 MHA vs. MBA
0:18:54 administrative director, Burbank Spaulding Rehabilitation Center
0:22:49 expanding beyond clinical leadership, moving into role of 2nd level manager
0:26:14 coming to the Cape
0:28:56 formalizing into a division of post-acute care under Partners
0:30:02 what is a rehabilitation hospital
0:34:44 the rehab team
0:35:54 the discharge decision
0:38:34 reimbursement for rehab hospitals
0:40:44 nursing home vs. rehab hospital
0:42:25 local market
0:43:03 relationship with the Spaulding Network
0:44:19 Stephanie's roles at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod
0:46:54 taking on services that she had never worked in
0:50:29 VP of Clinical Services for the Spaulding Network
0:53:17 what is rewarding about the rehabilitation space
0:53:30 trends in rehabilitation
0:54:51 adaptive sports
0:58:39 outpatient operations at Spaulding Cape Cod
1:00:03 what keeps Stephanie up at night
1:01:24 leadership philosophy
1:02:35 what makes a good leader
1:03:59 what does she look for when hiring leaders
1:05:39 how did mentors help her
1:07:39 what is her mentoring approach
1:08:54 a leadership lesson learned the hard way
1:10:11 organizational culture
1:12:04 professional organizations
1:13:05 book recommendations for early careerists
1:14:24 for an early careerist, why rehab?

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