Monday, January 15, 2018

Mary Lowry, Administrative Director, Center for Telehealth, DHMC

Today’s guest is Mary Lowry, the administrative director of Dartmouth-Hitchcock health system’s Center for Telehealth. The Center for Telehealth is Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s consolidated telemedicine program, and in this podcast we talk about the variety of services and support that Mary’s team provides across New Hampshire and Vermont. It’s a fascinating look at the future of medicine, even though as Mary notes, telemedicine isn’t new, I think it is just now coming of age, and as we continue to transition away from a fee for service model in healthcare and towards the provision of value based care, we are only going to see greater levels of telemedicine utilization.

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Podcast Outline 
Time       Topic
0:01:15 introduction - about Dartmouth-Hitchcock
0:03:12 Mary's background, role of the administrative director
0:04:56 Connected Care Center
0:05:42 Telemedicine and Transfer Management
0:06:38 history of the program
0:07:38 Services - Telestroke & Teleneurology
0:10:11 which hospitals contract for telemedicine services and why
0:11:24 critical access hospitals, night coverage at PPS hospitals
0:18:35 partnership with Specialists on Call
0:19:47 reimbursement
0:21:40 the business case for telemedicine - keeping patients
0:23:25 protocol for treatment with telehealth
0:24:08 other inpatient telehealth services
0:25:26 tele-emergency medicine
0:28:50 challneges of quantifying the business case
0:30:18 tele-intensive care (tele-ICU)
0:31:48 "wired bed"
0:36:11 tele-ICU - complement, not substitute
0:37:51 the tele-ICU stations team
0:38:56 revenue stream for tele-ICU, ROI
0:40:50 tele-pharmacy
0:42:36 tele-psychiatry
0:45:40 why not ambulatory tele-psychiatry
0:47:50 ambulatory services
0:50:35 billing for home telehealth visits
0:51:45 pediatric specialty services - efficiency
0:52:45 strategy implications of telemedicine
0:56:30 synergies between services
0:57:20 identifying gaps in care and bringing resources to patients
0:58:05 building the business, seeking profitability
0:59:46 role of telemedecine and value based care
1:01:26 what are the limits on growth for telemedicine
1:04:06 future visions for telemedicine
1:05:35 business to business vs. business to consumer
1:09:25 closing thoughts

Topics Discussed:

Connected Care Center

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