Thursday, July 15, 2021

Dr. Neil Meehan, Chief Physician Executive, Exeter Health Resources

Today’s guest is Dr. Neil Meehan, the Chief Physician Executive of Exeter Health Resources. Dr. Meehan is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, and was the driving force behind the creation of the New Hampshire Physician Leadership Development Program, a joint effort between the New Hampshire Medical Society, the New Hampshire Hospital Association, and the University of New Hampshire. 

In this podcast we discuss Dr. Meehan’s own journey from living in a music studio above a peanut butter factory through medical school, residency, and his own development as a physician leader. We discuss in detail what the medical school and residency experiences are like because the New Hampshire Physician Leadership Development Program has a unique flavor based on Dr. Meehan’s own experience of medical training, as well as his observations about how physician training creates some specific challenges for physicians who want to transition from lead clinician to clinician-leader. 

I have been part of the Physician Leadership program since its inception, so it was fun to talk with Neil and capture some of the stories and insight I have heard him share over the last few years.

(In the abridged version I drop our discussion of medical school and residency, but the discussion around leadership remains.)


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Exeter Hospital 

Core Physicians

New Hampshire Physician Leadership Development Program 

Monday, March 15, 2021

COVID-19: What We Learned - Staffing & People Resources

This podcast is a recording of a live panel held jointly sponsored by the sponsors of this podcast, the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of New Hampshire and the Northern New England Healthcare Executives, the local chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives. The panel was titled, COVID-19: What We Learned - Staffing & People Resources. I had the opportunity to moderate, and our panel featured Eileen Keefe, Chief Nursing Officer, Parkland Medical Center, Derry, New Hampshire, Carol Majewski, Associate Chief Quality Officer for Patient Experience for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, and Colonel Kim Aiello, Commander, 44th Medical Brigade, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

The video of the panel is available at the YouTube link below and includes the slides and visuals referred to in the audio-only version. 

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Parkland Medical Center

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

44th Medical Brigade

Friday, January 15, 2021

Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld, PhD, Long-Term Care Educator and Author

Today’s guest is Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld. Mary Helen is an associate professor at Towson University in the Department of Health Sciences. Mary Helen is the author of one of the leading textbooks in the field of long-term care, Dimensions of Long-Term Care: An Introduction, and is a recognized leader in long-term care education nationally. 

In this podcast I talk with Mary Helen about her journey from an early interest in political science and international affairs to discovering the nascent field of health economics in the 80’s, and her transition to an interest in long-term care as a result of having to care for both her father and father-in-law when they suffered from debilitating terminal illnesses. Mary Helen makes a passionate case for long-term care, pointing out the economic opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as young people looking for a meaningful and well compensated career. 

I hope you enjoy listening to Mary Helen’s story, and if you find it valuable, won’t you leave us feedback on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you may be accessing this recording. It helps other people discover us. Thanks for listening, and here is Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld.

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Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld, Towson Homepage

Dimensions of Long-Term Care Management: An Introduction (2nd ed.)