Monday, December 18, 2023

Paul Forte, PhD, CEO of FedPoint


Today’s guest is Paul E. Fort, the CEO of FedPoint. FedPoint is a fast-growing provider of benefit administration and technology solutions for large institutional sponsors, with focus on the federal government of the United States and its numerous departments and agencies. 

In this podcast we talk about Paul’s unusual career journey to become an insurance executive – he first earned a PhD in Renaissance English Literature before making his way into the insurance industry. Paul began working in the long-term care insurance space in the late ‘80’s, and has been a leader in the field for decades. Not only has he led FedPoint’s growth, but he has also published a number of articles making recommendations to the industry on how to reform long-term care insurance to make it more affordable and sustainable. We close on a discussion of leadership.

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NYT/KFF article discussed: Facing Financial Ruin as Costs Soar for Elder Care

Paul Forte, Realigning LTCI—Private Long-Term Care Insurance and the Health Care Continuum

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