Thursday, February 15, 2018

Colonel Jean M. Barido, Commander, Public Health Command - Central

Today’s guest is COL Jean Barido, the Commander of the US Army Public Health Command – Central. The Command provides public health leadership and evidence-based preventive medicine programs and veterinary services to optimize the health of military units, installation personnel, and animals within 20 states, the Caribbean, and Central America.

In this podcast we talk about COL Barido’s career as an Army Nurse Corps officer, starting in the reserves and then transitioning to active duty. We discuss her many roles in the military including deployments to Kosovo and Afghanistan, and then discuss her role as the Commander of a dispersed unit with many diverse missions. We conclude with a discussion of leadership.

Podcast Outline 
Time       Topic

0:01:24 introduction, education
0:02:40 working as an RN, joining the reserves
0:03:41 about the Army Reserves
0:06:17 balancing the Reserve duty with civilian full time job
0:07:43 deploying to Kosovo with reserve combat hospital
0:09:38 caring for local nationals in austere conditions
0:11:14 transition to active duty as an Army nurse
0:12:54 first jobs on active duty
0:13:29 deploying to Afghanistan
0:14:25 PROFIS units - how the Army staffs field units
0:16:54 the Afghan mission
0:21:06 return from deployment, becoming a nurse practitioner
0:22:26 Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences
0:24:21 work as a family nurse practitioner
0:26:24 moving to the Pentagon - working in Manpower and Reserve Affairs
0:28:38 Chief Nursing Officer, Moncrief Army Health Clinic, Ft. Jackson
0:29:28 Commander, Public Health Command - Central
0:32:25 defining public health - "one health" - people, animals, and the environment
0:34:24 composition of the command - units within the command
0:38:12 role of the Commander
0:45:06 role of Veterinary Corps
0:46:50 learning to lead in a distributed and diverse organization
0:47:57 the Army process for selecting commanders
0:48:54 what prepared her for this command
0:51:09 most pressing issues facing MHS from Public Health perspective
0:53:46 leadership philosophy - her 5 core values
0:55:11 characteristics of a good leader
0:55:58 her leadership role model - her father
0:56:39 what she is looking for in a leader
0:57:10 leadership lesson learned the hard way
0:59:30 organizational culture
1:01:48 her career mentors
1:02:46 what does a good mentor do
1:03:14 her role as a mentor
1:04:36 careers: why public health? Why nursing?
1:06:31 advice to future healthcare leaders

Topics Discussed:

Public Health Command - Central

399th Combat Support Hospital

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