Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Brian Hall, President, Physicians Resources LTD

Today’s guest is Brian Hall, the president of Physicians Resources Limited, a revenue cycle management firm based in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Brian was employee number one of PRL more than thirty years ago, and on his way to being the president and eventually the owner of PRL, he did everything from sweeping the floors to business development. In this podcast we talk about Brian’s career, and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur working in a family business.

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Podcast Outline

Time       Topic
0:01:03 starting at PRL part time while in college
0:03:32 employee number one
0:06:44 PRL's early years - software reseller
0:08:03 evolving into an RCM company
0:11:32 director of RCM operations  - running the back office
0:13:26 the draw of RCM - "it gets in your blood"
0:16:12 growing as a leader - from supervisor to manager
0:20:50 growing and formalizing the business processes
0:23:18 the integration of automation into the business - electronic claims and electronic payments
0:27:47 impact of HIPAA
0:29:57 SVP of client services - changing focus from operations to business development
0:34:42 learning client relations
0:37:17 president and partmer
0:41:58 buying out founders
0:43:08 advantages and disadvantages of being privately held
0:47:08 who is the typical client
0:50:13 Why outsource RCM? Why PRL?
0:52:06 a primer on accounts receivable
0:53:34 "revenue cycle ecosystem"
0:59:21 a day in the life of the president
1:01:34 organizational structure
1:03:20 impact of the corona virus threat on PRL
1:05:51 leadership philosophy
1:06:38 leadership role models
1:07:19 characteristics of a good leader
1:09:33 a leaedership lesson learned the hard way
1:10:49 cultivating an organization culture
1:13:05 mentorship
1:14:20 working in a family business
1:16:08 why a career in RCM?

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