Saturday, August 15, 2020

Richard Corder, Managing Director, TiER1 Performance


Today’s guest is Richard Corder, a healthcare management consultant and Managing Director at the management consulting firm TiER 1 Performance. In this podcast we discuss Richard’s journey from his start as an apprentice in the hotel industry in London, England, following his heart to Boston, Massachusetts, his decision to enter the healthcare industry after his own experience as an inpatient, how he applied lessons he learned from the hospitality industry to become an expert on patient experience, and ultimately his move into healthcare consulting. We conclude the podcast with a discussion about leadership and mentorship. 

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Podcast Outline

0:01:17 Apprenticeship in hospitality management 

0:04:47 coming to the US for love - Four Seasons Hotel in Boston

0:06:47 service across cultures - regional and corporate culture

0:08:47 lessons learned from hospitality - hire the right people

0:10:52 crossing industries to healthcare - environmental services at Beverly Hospital

0:13:12 "if we ran a hotel like we ran a hospial, we would be out of business"

0:18:54 earning an MHA and the transition to health administration

0:21:17 director of guest services, Cooley-Dickinson Hospital 

0:26:22 progession to VP of Operations and Facility Management

0:34:27 looking for growth - COO of Curbside

0:37:22 Senior Director of Service Excellence, Massachusetts General Hospital

0:49:35 CRICO Strategies - Consulting Services

0:58:19 becoming a consultant - the pros and cons

1:03:58 Wellesley Partners Healthcare Management Consulting

1:08:02 Comparing large and small consulting firms

1:09:25 Tier One Performance Solutions - a mission to build a better world

1:14:55 How does consulting work?

1:19:36 what's great about consulting?

1:21:03 what makes a good consultant?

1:23:58 leadership philosophy

1:25:47 what does he look for when hiring leaders?

1:27:34 mentors and mentorship

1:29:36 advice to early careerists and consulting

Links to Topics Discussed

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Beverly Hospital 

Cooley-Dickinson Hospital 

Massachusetts General Hospital

CRICO Strategies

Wellesley Partners

Four Seasons Hotel - Boston