Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dr. Teresa Leverett, DO, Freedom Family Practice

Today's guest is Dr. Teresa Leverett, the founder of Freedom Family Practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Freedom Family Practice is a family practice clinic that runs under a model called Direct Primary Care (DPC). In this podcast, we talk about what DPC is, and how it is allowing physicians and patients alike to have a different health care delivery experience. Recent UNH graduate Sameer Panasar returns to guest host this episode.

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Podcast Outline 
Time       Topic
0:03:38 schooling
0:07:06 deciding to pursue family medicine
0:09:05 Residency at Eastern Maine Medical Center
0:10:55 when did she know she was a physician
0:11:53 clinical career before Freedom Family Practice
0:18:08 breaking with practicing in a large physician group, looking for something else
0:21:44 Founding Freedom Family practice - what is direct primary care?
0:24:18 panel size, what patients want from direct primary care
0:26:52 small businesses as customers of DPC
0:34:06 growing the practice
0:37:11 running a lean business
0:39:21 challenges of starting a practice
0:41:46 policy challenges of DPC - regulatory status
0:46:41 Specialists who are starting DPC-like businesses
0:49:04 DPC - "Back to the Future" model of healthcare
0:53:50 At year 3 of her practice - goals?
0:55:05 would like to teach medical students about how to grow a practice
0:56:12 thoughts on the primary care crisis
1:01:38 DPC helps her feel like a doctor

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