Friday, January 15, 2016

Dr. Kristy Fassler, ND, Co-Founder, North Coast Family Health

Today’s guest is Dr. Kristy Fassler, ND, co-founder of North Coast Family Health Integrative Medicine Clinic, a naturopathic practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In this podcast Dr. Fassler and I discuss the training naturopathic doctors take, the philosophy behind naturopathy, and how naturopathic doctors work with patients to identify underlying dysfunction within the body and mind and correct it to promote healing from the inside out.

We also discuss how Dr. Fassler worked with her husband, other naturopaths, and the community to get the state of New Hampshire to recognize and license naturopathic doctors in the mid-1990s, and as a result she and her husband hold license numbers 2 and 3 in the state. 

This podcast was eye-opening for me because prior to talking with Dr. Fassler I had never spoken with a naturopathic doctor. I learned a lot about the field, and found many parallels between the naturopathic approach and the current movement in mainstream medicine toward a focus on wellness and patient centeredness – beliefs that naturopaths hold central to their practice. 

Links to the Podcast:

Podcast Outline

undergraduate education and discovering naturopathy
Naturopathic Doctor training at Bastyr University
founding North Coast Family Health Integrative Medicine Clinic
lobbying to get state licensure for NDs
the practice of Naturopathic Medicine at North Coast, tick borne illnesses
what is being a new patient at North Coast like?
promoting healing from the inside out
homeopathic medicine
therapies offered at North Coast
challenges of practice - managing a business, the health care system
doctor as teacher
practice management
reflections on a career so far
advice for those interested in a career as an ND
Addendum and a correction

Links to Topics Discussed:

North Coast Family Health Integrative Medicine Clinic

Adelle Davis, Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit

Bastyr University

Lyme Disease

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Karen F. Clements, RN, FACHE, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Today’s guest is Karen Clements, the Associate Chief Nurse for Ambulatory and Primary Care Nursing, Emergency and Patient Placement Services, and Care Management and Psychiatric Services for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System, or as her staff prefers, she is the Associate Chief Nurse for Team Awesome.

Despite its rural location, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is the largest hospital in New Hampshire, taking referrals from over forty other hospitals in New England. It is also a major teaching hospital associated with Dartmouth College’s Geisel School of Medicine.

Karen is also the President of the Northern New England Association of Healthcare Executives, one of the sponsors of this podcast.

Karen is a nurse-executive whose roots are in emergency and trauma nursing. Her career began with an active duty tour in the Army’s Nurse Corps, then she returned home to Bangor, Maine where she progressed through the nursing ranks to become the Chief Nursing Officer of Acadia Hospital, a 100 bed freestanding psychiatric hospital. After 23 years with the Eastern Maine Healthcare System, she followed professional and personal opportunity to Dartmouth-Hitchcock, where her leadership skills quickly led her to the Associate Chief Nurse position.

In this podcast we talk about Karen’s career leading up to her current position at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, how Dartmouth-Hitchcock is changing to meet the challenges of an evolving health system, and how nursing is playing a role in that transition. We then talk about leadership, and Karen’s role in the Northern New England Association of Healthcare Executives and conclude with Karen’s recommendations for early careerists.

Links to the Podcast:

Transcript of the interview available here

Podcast Outline
Time Topic
0:02:36 background, Army Nurse Corps
0:08:08 working up through the ranks, Eastern Maine Medical Center
0:18:49 Chief Nursing Officer, Acadia Hospital
0:25:34 coming to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
0:30:52 Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
0:33:55 role of Chief Nursing Officer and practice of nursing
0:37:44 use of advanced practice nurses (APRNs) at Dartmouth-Hitchcock
0:39:22 structure of nurses in the facility
0:40:18 Karen's professional growth at Dartmouth-Hitchcock
0:43:38 strategy
0:47:25 the future of health care and Dartmouth's approach
0:50:00 leadership
0:53:57 mentorship
1:00:32 women in leadership
1:10:36 advice to early careerists

Links to Topics Discussed:

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nursing

we joke about Karen following her husband Peter, a previous guest, to Dartmouth-Hitchcock. 

Army Nurse Corps - see also my interview with the Chief of the Army Nurse Corps 

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