Sunday, October 15, 2017

Samantha O'Neill, VP of HR, The Elliot Health System

Today's guest is Samantha O'Neill, the Vice President of Human Resources for the Elliot Health System in Manchester, New Hampshire. Sam has served in senior HR roles in software, information technology consulting, high-tech, manufacturing companies, and most recently healthcare.

Sam is interviewed by Kayli Mathews and Nicole Bishop, juniors in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of New Hampshire. In this podcast, they explore Sam's diverse career, talk about the various functions of HR, and close on a discussion of Sam's leadership style.

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Podcast Outline 

Time             Topic
0:01:07 Start of Career Post Music Education Degree
0:01:55 Challenges as a Business Retirement Plan Specialist
0:03:25 Working with the Temp Agency - starting in HR
0:05:14 Senior HR of Ajalon- Reasons for staying in HR
0:06:47 Sam had little HR experience but someone took a chance on her - "baptism by fire"
0:07:33 Learning HR and taking a crash course
0:09:10 Success of making Senior VP in 12 years
0:10:11 Start of HR at TomTom (GPS)
0:11:48 How Sam learned to build an HR Department at Tom Tom
0:13:00 Sam's career in HR at Velcro
0:13:49 Why Sam took her posistion at Velcro
0:15:11 Understanding travel and requirements of a new CEO
0:16:56 Joining rhe Elliot Health Care System
0:18:43 What is the Elliot like as an organization
0:19:58 First Posistion at the Elliot: Director of HR
0:21:43 Genereal structure of the orgnization and how Sam fits in as VP of HR
0:22:24 Who Sam interacts with as VP
0:23:16 Compensation and Benefits 
0:25:00 How Sam knows and manages to stay within her market
0:25:33 How Sam and her team deliver support to other areas
0:27:28 Sam took initiative because HR was not appropriately staffed
0:30:40 HR in healthcare vs HR in other fields
0:32:02 Show you want to learn in the industry to be successful
0:33:48 Interaction with employed physcians 
0:35:20 Approaching the CEO about staffing issues in HR
0:36:37 Measuring employee outcomes and patient satisfaction
0:38:42 Patient and Department ratings
0:40:37 Transferable skills from HR
0:41:38 The draw of HR - seeing the value
0:43:47 Employee law, patience, judgement, and regulations
0:45:17 Confusion and Misunderstandings about HR Departments
0:47:14 Strategic Goals in HR 
0:48:26 Leadership Philosphy
0:49:55 Characteristics of a good leader
0:51:00 Leadership lesson learned the hard way
0:52:40 Being a woman in a senior executive posistion
0:53:55 Hiring for skill and fit
0:55:53 Organizational Culture
0:56:54 Mentors in earlier jobs and using previous knowledge
0:59:06 Developing leaders
1:00:58 Professional organizations
1:02:21 Advice to those starting a career in the health field

Topics Discussed:

The Elliot Health System

Westfield State

Tom Tom


Society for Human Resource Management

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