Friday, November 15, 2019

Aimee Giglio, CHRO, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

Today’s guest is Aimee Giglio, the Chief Human Resource Officer for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System. The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System is a large health system based in New Hampshire with more than 14,000 employees.

Like many executives I talk to, Aimee didn’t start out in the human resources field. Her undergraduate work and early career was in the field of social work. Her journey to being the chief human resource officer for the largest employer in the state of New Hampshire after the state government is interesting, and the topic of the first part of the interview. We then discuss managing the human resources function for a major medical center and coordinating human resources strategy across a large system. We conclude with a conversation about leadership.


0:01:29 Education - Social Work at Trinity College
0:02:58 Clinical Social Work - UVM Medical Center
0:03:59 Case Manager - Riverbend Community Mental Health 
0:04:59 Role of the Case Manager
0:06:34 "Sharp right Turn" - Fidelity Investments in Survivor Services
0:08:31 the impetus for the hard right turn
0:10:31 NH Retirement System - Member Benefits
0:12:01 advantage of social work background moving into HR
0:12:58 About Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center & Health System 
0:14:56 HR as a service to individuals - longitudinal relationships
0:16:22 returning to a clinical environment
0:17:53 benefit of having a healthcare background
0:19:17 growth at DH
0:23:41 the evolution of HR from transactional to strategic
0:26:03 becoming the Chief Human Resources Officer
0:27:11 leveraging the benefits of being a system
0:31:06 leadership development
0:32:27 first time supervisor training vs. mid-level training
0:35:59 other programs in learning and development
0:40:27 sustaining the credentials of all the providers
0:42:20 workforce development programs in-house
0:45:38 standardization vs. customization in the system
0:46:55 what is employee relations
0:48:02 what makes a good employee relations partner?
0:48:45 the HR team vs. # of employees in the system
0:49:09 culture and HR
0:51:47 exciting HR initiatives - workforce development
0:53:05 what is "employee engagement"
0:55:34 HR's role in promoting diversity and inclusion
0:57:13 how does HR help the organizaiton be more inclusive
0:58:47 hiring and firing
1:01:04 healthy turnover?
1:02:01 misunderstandings about HR
1:03:23 leadership philosophy - authentic leadership
1:04:50 characteristics of a good leader
1:06:06 what does she look for when hiring a leader
1:07:35 a leadership lesson learned the hard way
1:09:12 advice to early careerists

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