Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Chris DiNicola, COO, The Process Recovery Center

Today’s guest is Chris DiNicola. Chris is a healthcare entrepreneur working in the field of addiction services. I stumbled on to Chris’s organization after reading about a new barber shop in Nashua, New Hampshire that was run by recovering addicts, and catering to those in recovery. It turned out Rise Barbershop was just one of a number of ventures Chris is responsible for. I spoke with him at Process Recovery Center, one of two treatment facilities he and his partners own. They also operate sober living houses, which provide safe and supportive housing communities for recovering addicts with a total of 170 beds in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

What is amazing is that Chris and his partners are all recovering addicts, so the businesses are a manifestation of their passion to help others who have suffered from the same challenges.

This is one of the longer interviews I’ve done, so I’ll be posting two versions, a full length version with the entire interview, and an abridged version.

If you would like to help with Chris's mission, consider making a donation to the charity we talk about in the podcast, Revive Recovery.

Links to the Podcast:

Full Length:
Podcast Outline (applies to the full-length version)

0:01:43 Intro - why addiction services
0:03:32 Chris's story of addiction - oxycontin
0:07:18 dopesick - experiencing chemical dependence
0:10:16 trying to stop using
0:11:58 bargaining with addiction
0:12:48 transitioning from pills to injecting heroin - an economic decision
0:14:43 entering long term recovery
0:18:03 hearing the message of sobriety - changing his perception
0:19:43 the need for validation and inability to practice self-love
0:23:58 abusing anything that allows him escape
0:26:31 surrendering to treatment
0:29:24 getting clean, but not dealing with the disease
0:34:08 bottoming out, fearing vulnerability
0:38:48 losing his father
0:45:33 bottoming out - thinking about using again
0:48:43 opening up, allowing himself to be vulnerable
0:50:43 turning point of everything - ready for honesty and communication
0:52:16 explaining a 12 step program
1:00:23 breaking through isolation by sharing his darkest fears
1:08:03 the addiction disease manifested itself through external accomplishment
1:10:03 deciding to become a professional dancer at 25
1:16:03 auditioning for America's Best Dance Crew
1:20:28 first entrepreneurial venture - opening his own dance school with his brothers
1:23:23 deciding to be more public about his recovery
1:27:43 second entrepreneurial venture - a sober house, "Rise Above"
1:33:10 sober living housing - transitional safe housing
1:37:48 challenges of getting the business started - cash flow and scholarshipping
1:39:53 growth from 6 to 170 beds in 4 years
1:42:40 adding a treatment center - Process Treatment Center
1:47:13 treatment center complementary service to sober living
1:47:45 types of programs offered
1:48:10 intensive outpatient (IOP)
1:49:21 Partial Hospitalization vs IOP
1:51:18 progression of treatment
1:52:59 outpatient care
1:54:12 recovery coaching
1:55:20 Process Treatment Center is unique in that it has full-spectrum (less detox) care
1:58:25 COO Role
2:00:50 number of staff - discussion of other organizaitons under Recovery umbrella
2:05:38 Revive - non-profit resource center
2:07:50 the life of an entrepreneur - following a path and purpose
2:09:55 the interaction between being an addict and being an entrepreneur
2:14:42 what do people misunderstand about addicts
2:20:04 choosing employees and leaders
2:22:48 mentorship - leading by example
2:26:01 what's next?
2:28:05 policies that impede the provision of treatment?

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