Sunday, September 15, 2019

Lisa Couture, Executive Director, Krempels Center

Today’s guest is Lisa Couture, the Executive Director of Krempels Center. The Krempels Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with acquired brain injury. In partnership with universities and community volunteers, the Krempels Center offers programs that engage its members in meaningful and productive experiences and provides ongoing support and resources to those, including survivors and family members, impacted by brain injury. 

Lisa is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, having double majored in Social Work and Outdoor Education. She served in a variety of leadership roles in a number of organizations leading up to her position as the Executive Director in 2009. In the full length version of the interview, we discuss her early career as well as her time at the Krempels Center. 

The full-length interview runs about 90 minutes. I have produced an abridged version that runs about forty minutes. 

Interview Outline (full-length)

Time                Topic
0:01:50 double major at UNH - Social Work and Outdoor Ed
0:09:08 first job - school for troubled youth - learning about cultural fit
0:11:10 working in a one-on-one setting
0:12:14 meeting a founder and mentor - what makes a founder
0:14:05 grad school - going back to learn to run an organization
0:19:36 developing Birch Tree Center
0:21:10 NH Department of Health and Human Services - Homeless Services
0:24:14 first executive director of Fair Tide
0:28:30 professionalization of the organization
0:31:25 Rockingham Community Action - Outreach Program Director
0:35:56 about the Kremple's Center, members
0:38:35 about the founder and history of the Center
0:40:01 partnering with UNH - bringing in students to work with members
0:42:37 about the ongoing programming
0:47:50 collaboration between the Center and UNH
0:51:04 discussion of therapeutic recreation activities
0:52:59 membership and cost of participation
0:55:03 role of the Executive Director
0:56:52 fund raising and budget
1:00:39 many hats
1:01:47 functions of a non-profit board of trustees
1:08:06 what keeps an ED up at night
1:10:31 impact of the financial crisis of '08/'09 on finances and operations
1:11:38 what is most challenging about the non-profit sector
1:13:36 future of Kremples - growth opportunities
1:16:05 leadership philosophy
1:17:08 organizational culture
1:19:19 mentorship
1:20:45 advice to early careerists

Links to Topics Discussed

Krempels Center

University of New Hampshire Department of Social Work

University of New Hampshire Outdoor Education and Leadership Program

Birchtree Center

Fair Tide

Southern New Hampshire Services (was Rockingham Community Action)

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