Friday, July 1, 2016

Brigadier General R. Scott Dingle, MEDCOM Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7

Today’s guest is Brigadier General R. Scott Dingle, the director plans, operations, and training for the US Army Medical Command, also known as the MEDCOM G-3/5/7. BG Dingle has had an extraordinary career, including attendance at some of the Army’s most respected training schools, battalion and brigade commands, and combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I really enjoyed hearing BG Dingle’s career story, but I found his lessons for leaders at the end of the interview particularly striking. He uses a clever metaphor to talking about the need for leaders to never lose their bearing, to never forget they are always in the spotlight, and to never forget they are always part of a team, because when bearings work together they can move large things. He also uses bearing as an acronym:

B - Believe in yourself and God
E - Endure through tough times
A - Accept responsibility
R - Remain unconquered
I - Identify with others who are excelling
N - Never quit
G - Give to others

This podcast is being released just in time for Independence Day weekend, and it seems appropriate to reflect on the career of a dedicated military leader and combat veteran as we remember that freedom is not free.

Transcript: A transcript of the podcast is available here.

Podcast Outline

Time Topic
0:01:49 Educational background, majoring in Sociology and English
0:03:39 Getting involved with Army ROTC
0:06:50 Experiences in ROTC
0:08:02 Commissioned as a Medical Service Corps Officer (MSCO)
0:09:05 Medical Service Corps description
0:10:12 First duty assignment as a MSCO
0:12:10 The transition from ROTC to active duty
0:15:07 Initial leadership lessons in active duty
0:16:04 Decision to stay in active duty
0:17:08 The importance of company command
0:19:56 Decision to become an operator in the Medical Service Corps
0:23:44 Being a Medical Planner
0:24:34 Attending the School of Advanced Military Studies
0:27:10 Planning and coordinating delivery of health services in Afghanistan and Iraq
0:30:05 Lessons learned from working with foreign nations
0:31:12 Healthcare operations in the Office of Army Surgeon General
0:32:52 Difference between being a company commander and a battalion commander
0:36:12 Serving as a Brigade Commander for the Army Medical Recruiting Brigade
0:38:45 What is a Medical Brigade? Serving on the 37th Medical Brigade
0:41:50 Organizing and planning healthcare delivery in the G3
0:46:50 Goals for the G-3/5/7 Organization
0:48:20 Worries in the current role
0:49:30 Common misconceptions/understanding the Army Medical Department
0:52:52 Personal leadership philosophy
0:54:50 Characteristics of a good leader
0:57:20 What do you look for in a leader?
0:58:13 Leadership advice for young leaders

Links Discussed

Morgan State University

US Army Medical Service Corps

School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS)

Press Release About BG Dingle's assignment to the G-3/5/7

Army Medicine 2020 Campaign Plan

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