Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rev. Frank Macht, Director of Chaplaincy, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Today we return to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and our guest is the Reverend Frank Macht, the director of the Chaplaincy. Frank is a minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, although he is originally from Germany. Together we reflect on his journey, as he refers to it, and the experiences he has had as he served and trained all over the United States, from Berkley, California, to Atlanta, Georgia, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Nome, Alaska and finally to Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Frank was first called to ministry as a hospital chaplain through a training program known as clinical pastoral education. His interest in this specialized form of ministry led him to become a clinical pastoral education supervisor, which allows him to supervise the clinical training of other chaplains.
In this podcast we discuss the training a hospital chaplain goes through, the role of the hospital chaplain, and specifically the role of the Chaplaincy at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

I really enjoyed this interview because of Frank’s unique story and how he enhanced my own understanding of the role of the hospital chaplain and chaplaincy training. I think it’s important for healthcare leaders to understand what a well-trained chaplain can bring to the care team, and I think Frank does an excellent job of explaining that role.

Frank and I had a lengthy conversation about his career and the role of the chaplaincy. To produce this episode, unfortunately I had to edit out much of the conversation that was of interest to me, so I am posting two versions of the interview – the edited version, and the full-length interview.

Podcast Outline

Time Topic
0:02:31 choosing to study theology in Germany
0:05:56 coming to the US and the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA
0:09:28 discovering Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
0:14:27 role of the Chaplain
0:21:20 being an un-ordained chaplain
0:23:24 the meaning of "journey"
0:25:39 levels of training
0:26:54 the "verbatim" - self-evaluation
0:30:20 towards ordination - interning in Alaska
0:32:41 return to CPE at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, NM
0:35:16 business and industrial chaplaincy program at Emory University
0:36:51 starting CPE supervisor training at Presbytarian Hospital
0:38:00 a call to pastor a church in Nome, Alaska
0:43:15 manager, Spirtual Care, Providence Alaska Medical Center, Anchorage, Alaska
0:46:31 coming to DHMC
0:50:15 mission of the Chaplaincy - keeping the patient "human"
0:54:12 interacting with the academic mission of DHMC
0:57:41 religious diversity and specialties in the Chaplaincy
1:01:22 managing chaplains
1:05:05 looking into the future - chaplains and value-based care
1:07:31 what to understand about the role of the chaplain

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