Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Brigadier General Jeffrey J. Johnson, Commander, Brooke Army Medical Center

Today’s guest is Brigadier General Jeffrey J. Johnson, the commanding general of Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) serves as the largest and most robust military healthcare organization within the Department of Defense (DOD). Both inpatient and outpatient services are provided by approximately 8,500 staff members, including active duty military personnel from each of the uniformed services, federal civilian employees and contractors. Brooke is a Level I Trauma center, and includes a forty bed burn center. It is also a hub for graduate medical education, with more than 30 graduate medical education programs.

General Johnson is a board certified family medicine physician and has served in and commanded a wide range of units, from traditional clinics and hospitals to Special Forces units and the legendary 82nd Airborne, and has deployed in support of the Army’s missions around the world. 

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Podcast Outline (this timeline refers to the extended version)

Time       Topic 
0:01:55 Evangel university, ROTC
0:05:15 medical School at U of CO Health Sciences Center
0:06:03 what was surprising about medical school
0:07:11 clinical stereotypes - cultures of specialties
0:08:07 confirming his interest in primary care
0:09:10 keeping options open 
0:10:05 Family Medicine residency at Madigan Army Medical Center
0:12:28 Family Medicine vs. Internal Medicine
0:13:08 Why Madigan?
0:14:23 the physician identity
0:16:32 Clinic Command
0:19:17 lessons learned from first command
0:20:09 support from higher command
0:21:27 battalion and group surgeon, 7th Special Forces
0:25:53 observations of healthcare delivery in deveoping countries
0:26:46 director of resident training for Family Medicine
0:28:03 how did prior experience prepare him to run a residency program
0:29:53 life-long learning
0:31:24 challenges and enjoyment of the residency director role
0:33:44 making the decision to continue in the military
0:35:51 division surgeon for 82nd Airborne
0:37:42 comparing roles at 82nd and 7th
0:38:55 combined command surgeon in Baghram, Afghanistan
0:42:36 working with Afghan allies and the Afghan medical system
0:44:12 Commander (CEO) of Irwin Community Hospital
0:45:19 the complexity of the CEO role - comfort with not knowing everything
0:48:29 developing the organization's vision
0:51:15 advisor role in Saudi Arabia
0:53:52 44th Medical Brigade
0:55:50 Office of The Army Surgeon General 
0:57:26 Surgeon, Korea
0:58:20 Brooke Army Medical Center
0:59:45 the difference between an Army Community Hospital and an Army Medical Center
1:00:53 organizational transitions and coming in as the senior leader
1:03:52 senior staff of the organization
1:06:55 the advantages and challenges of having a physician as commander
1:09:13 leadership philosophy
1:11:39 characteristics and behaviors of a good leader - servant leadership
1:13:17 mentorship
1:15:15 advice to early careerists about leadership

Links to topics discussed:

Brooke Army Medical Center

44th Medical Brigade

Irwin Army Community Hospital
Faculty Development at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Madigan Army Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program

University of Colorado Health Sciences

Evangel University

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