Thursday, September 15, 2016

Raymond A. Levy, Psy.D., Executive Director, The Fatherhood Project

Today's guest is Dr. Raymond A. Levy, the Executive Director of the Fatherhood Project. The Fatherhood Project is a non-profit fatherhood program in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Boston, MA. The mission of the program is to improve the health and well-being of children and families by empowering fathers to be knowledgeable, active, and emotionally engaged with their children.

Dr. Levy is a clinical psychologist specializing in psychoanalysis, with over thirty five years of experience in the field. In this podcast we talk about the training Dr. Levy underwent to become a psychotherapist and his career leading up to his founding of the Fatherhood Project. We then talk about the origins of the Fatherhood Project, the kinds of programming and research Dr. Levy’s team undertakes, and the challenges of running a small, mission oriented non-profit.

I think listeners will get a lot out of this interview. First, Dr. Levy does a very nice job explaining the field of psychotherapy which is very interesting. Second, his discussion of how the Fatherhood Project grew out of a research project is enlightening about the origins of great innovations.

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Transcript: A transcript of the podcast is available here.

Podcast Outline
time topic
0:02:07 educational background and early experience
0:07:29 what is psychotherapy?
0:08:53 what does success look like in psychotherapy?
0:10:23 the psychodynamic approach - getting beyond our adaptations
0:14:25 early career, getting established as a provider
0:18:02 achieving competence as a provider, the ongoing process of supervision
0:22:12 peer supervision
0:24:13 psychiatry vs. psychology
0:26:53 finding the right tool for the right problem
0:27:59 appointments at medical schools, teaching at affiliated hospitals
0:29:35 changing affiliation to Massachusetts General
0:30:31 inpatient vs. outpatient care
0:31:37 common misperceptions about psychotherapy
0:33:00 the origins of The Fatherhood Project
0:37:25 the Harvard study of adult development
0:38:27 adding programming to The Fatherhood Project
0:40:13 the evolution of the Project
0:41:24 the role of Executive Director
0:42:30 the significance of publishing in academic journals and presenting at academic conferences
0:45:38 The Fatherhood Project programs
0:52:03 evaluating the effectiveness of programs
0:52:51 the link between psychotherapy to parenting
0:55:20 what makes a good father?
0:57:50 the Fatherhood Project as an organization
0:59:25 financing the organization
1:00:35 advice to people who want to start organizations like the Fatherhood Project
1:02:03 the most significant challenges of running the organization
1:05:15 what should early careerists in healthcare admin know about mental health?

Links to Selected Topics Discussed

The Fatherhood Project

Father's Day and the Evolving Role of a Dad - short article by Dr. Levy

William James College (Formerly the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology)

Massachusetts General Department of Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry

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