Saturday, October 1, 2016

Lucy C. Hodder, J.D., Director of Health Law Programs and Professor of Law

Today’s guest is Lucy Hodder, Director of Health Law Programs and Professor of Law at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, and a member of the Institute for Health Policy and Practice in the College of Health and Human Services also at the University of New Hampshire. With her dual appointment, she both helps train the next generation of attorneys in the state in the application of legal principles to health care, and works with the Institute on some of the most challenging health care problems facing the state today.

In this podcast we explore Lucy’s career, a journey that took her back and forth between public service and private practice in several states and regions of the country, including working in the office of the New Hampshire Attorney General, being a senior shareholder in the firm of Rath, Young and Pignatelli, and finally before joining the faculty at the University of New Hampshire, serving as the Legal Counsel to the Governor as well as senior health policy advisor.

I think the thing that struck me most about my interview with Lucy was her commitment to service throughout her career. From the time she was in law school to through her time in a high powered private practice, she made time to provide public service. When the governor asked her to serve as her legal counsel, Lucy’s career was in full bloom. She shares the advice she received from Tom Rath, one of the principals in her firm, and he told her: “You practice in the New Hampshire Bar, when a governor asks you to serve, you have to be hard pressed to say no… that’s what we’re here for, that’s what we do in New Hampshire… when the governor asks you to serve you should say yes.” I think that says a lot about not only Lucy and her firm, but the legal community in New Hampshire.

Transcript: A transcript of the interview is available here.

Podcast Outline
Time         Topic

0:02:30 educational background, interning with a Federal Judge
0:06:15 Georgetown Law; teaching "street law", domestic violence clinic
0:10:25 clerking for a federal judge in New Orleans (and where to eat)
0:13:50 first job in private practice at Brobeck, Phleger, & Harrison in San Francisco
0:19:17 Assistant Attorney General, Civil Bureau, New Hampshire Department of Justice
0:25:44 leaving government service to go back to private practice
0:26:54 private practice with Rath, Young & Pignatelli
0:28:27 becoming chair of the Healthcare Practice Group
0:30:22 being a successful healthcare attorney
0:31:45 what is a "shareholder", governnance of a law firm
0:34:08 developing a client base as an attorney
0:35:50 the effect of the PPACA on her practice
0:36:57 legal counsel to the Governor, back to government service
0:41:15 issues the legal counsel to the Governor advised on
0:43:54 coming to UNH, establishing the health law program
0:46:25 dual appointment with Law School and CHHS
0:48:40 teaching health law
0:49:20 working with the Institute for Health Policy and Practice
0:50:48 critical health policy issues today
0:52:02 teaching health law as part of health management education
0:53:23 leadership and influence
0:54:44 leadership without authority
0:56:30 mentorship, finding a mentor
1:01:00 organizational culture
1:02:12 professional reading on health policy
1:03:44 advice to early careerists

Links to Selected Topics Discussed

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