Sunday, May 15, 2016

Roderic Olvera Young, Executive Vice President, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

Today’s guest is Roderic "Roddy" Olvera Young, Executive Vice President, and Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health.

In this podcast, Roddy shares his nearly three decades of experience in communications and public relations in a wide variety of governmental and private organizations, among them including being the press secretary for NASA, as well as being a consultant for firms involved in public relations crises while working with MSL Group/TMG Strategies prior to coming to his current role at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

This is a valuable podcast for any current or aspiring health leader to listen to because Roddy reveals some of the key mistakes leaders make when working with strategic communications and dealing with the press and provides insight on how to engage in a long term strategic messaging effort.

Links to the Podcast:

Podcast Outline

Time Topic
0:01:47 Background, education, and coming to public relations
0:03:09 Press Secretary for Congressman Estaban Torres
0:09:54 Press Secretary for NASA
0:24:36 Comparing work on the Hill to work at NASA
0:25:56 public relations crisis management with MSL Group/TMG Strategies
0:46:47 transition to Dartmouth College, then Dartmouth-Hitchcock
0:48:45 about Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System
0:52:20 about the communications and marketing team at DH
0:54:40 the difference between marketing and communicaitons
0:56:38 how his work history prepared him for his current role
0:57:30 WII-FM - telling meaningful stories to engage the audience
0:59:58 healthcare communications vs. other industries
1:02:33 managing communications for a diverse organization
1:05:10 branding and brand management in health care
1:07:12 strategic messaging
1:08:47 mistakes healthcare leaders make when dealing with the press
1:10:08 social media and the PR landscape
1:14:01 lessons learned the hard way
1:18:16 professional organizations
1:19:58 advice to early careerists interested in communications

Links to Topics Discussed:

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

Communications and Marketing at Dartmouth-Hitchcock


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