Monday, February 15, 2016

Patricia "Patsy" Aprile, Senior VP and COO, Southern Maine Health Care

Today’s guest is Patricia "Patsy" Aprile, FACHE, the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford, Maine. Patsy started her career on the clinical side as a medical technologist, working her way up through leadership positions in the laboratory, then clinical operations. In this podcast she talks about her experiences in a variety of organizations, including her time as CEO of Goodall Hospital during its merger with Southern Maine Health Care, as well as her role today. I think this podcast is especially useful for the insights Patsy offers on leadership and organizational culture, both in the context of leading through a merger as well as how she leads for operational excellence today. Patsy also talks about her service as the American College of Health Care Executives Regent for the state of Maine, and concludes with advice for early careerists.

Links to the Podcast:
Transcript of the interview.

Podcast Outline

Time Topic
0:01:42 welcome, educational background
0:03:32 beginning in leadership at The Elliot Hospital
0:05:02 Executive director of clinical services, Catholic Medical Center
0:06:42 Coming to Goodall Hospital, in Sanford, ME
0:07:37 VP of Operations at Goodall Hospital
0:18:32 Goodall Merger
0:22:09 CEO of Goodall Hospital
0:26:58 Governance during the merger
0:31:52 Working with the Goodall staff during the merger
0:33:35 Merging the cultures of SMHC and Goodall
0:35:17 Being part of Maine Health
0:37:17 Board composition at SMHC, role of physicians as trustees
0:38:33 SMHC locations and operations
0:41:26 Senior Vice President and COO of SMHC
0:43:01 Lean Daily Management
0:48:22 Leadership
0:55:50 Organizational culture
0:57:15 Mentorship
1:00:13 Experience as a woman leader
1:01:03 Being the ACHE Regent for Maine
1:04:09 Advice to early careerists

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