Monday, February 1, 2016

Kathy Bizarro-Thunberg, Executive Vice President, New Hampshire Hospital Association

Today's guest is Kathleen Bizarro-Thunberg, MBA, FACHE, Executive Vice President for the New Hampshire Hospital Association ("NHHA"). Kathy has worked at the New Hampshire Hospital Association for thirty years. In this podcast, Kathy tells how she worked her way up in the organization from data technician to Executive Vice President. We talk about how the Hospital Association works with member hospitals in the state to establish the organization's priorities and messages, and how the Hospital Association represents the interests of the member organizations at the state and federal level.

We also talk about leadership, and Kathy’s role as a leader both inside of her organization, as well as her role as a thought leader working with the organization’s membership, the state legislature, and other organizations and the similarities between those two forms of leadership.
We then discuss Kathy’s extensive leadership experience within the American College of Healthcare Executives where she currently holds a seat on the ACHE Board of Governors, a leadership position at the national level.

We conclude with Kathy’s recommendations for early careerists, and the importance of getting involved with a professional organization earlier rather than later.

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Podcast Outline

Time               Topic
0:02:01 educational background, coming to NHHA
0:03:56 about the NHHA
0:04:42 early career at the NHHA
0:08:43 going back to school at Health Management and Policy
0:11:56 the Foundation for Health Communities
0:15:31 value proposition of the NHHA
0:16:53 establishing a common message for the membership
0:19:31 advocacy at the state level
0:24:29 advocacy at the federal level
0:28:49 internal organizational leadership
0:33:17 leading and influencing externally
0:35:41 mentorship, working with interns
0:39:00 being a woman and a leader, work-life balance
0:41:42 role in ACHE, national leadership on Board of Governors
0:46:20 importance of professional organizations
0:47:44 advice to early careerists

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