Monday, May 15, 2017

Gregory A. White, CPA, CEO of Lamprey Health Care

Today's guest is Gregory A. White, CPA. the CEO of Lamprey Health Care. Lamprey Health Care is a federally qualified health clinic (FQHC) with locations in New Hampshire: Nashua, Raymond, and Newmarket. Federally qualified health clinics are community-based healthcare providers that provide primary care and a range of other services to clients regardless of ability to pay. As a result they are often safety net care providers in a community.

In this podcast Greg tells us about his journey from being an auditor in a public accounting firm to a career in healthcare, coming up through the finance and accounting side of healthcare delivery organizations. One of the unique aspects of Lamprey Health Care is each of its locations are in very different communities.

This podcast was guest-hosted by University of New Hampshire students Regan Judge and Caroline Sweny.

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Podcast Outline

Time                Topic
0:01:15 studying accounting at Babson College
0:02:02 becoming a CPA, entering the non-profit sector though auditing
0:04:12 Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
0:06:49 building a Family Medicine residency program within an FQHC
0:10:32 Manchester Community Health Center - benefits of being in a small organization
0:11:57 making the jump to executive ranks
0:13:38 financing growth at a FQHC
0:16:11 Lowell Community Health Center
0:18:17 Lamprey Health Care
0:19:18 mission of Lamprey
0:20:06 making the transition to the CEO role
0:21:51 how did previous roles prepare for CEO role
0:22:28 Lamprey senior leadership team
0:23:02 what is the workplace culture like at Lamprey
0:24:07 metrics used to evaluate the health of the organization
0:26:11 what external issues does he track
0:30:16 moving toward population health and the opioid crisis
0:32:05 what is the role of the board of Lamprey Health Care
0:32:53 strategic planning
0:34:27 motivating employees
0:35:40 most important thing learned from role of CEO
0:36:31 what was most surprising about the role of CEO
0:37:36 what keeps him up at night
0:38:13 what is the thing people outside of healthcare least understand about FQHCs
0:39:03 making the transition from a large town like Lowell to a small town like Newmarket
0:39:45 how did the community served change
0:40:55 how has healthcare changed
0:41:35 leadership philosophy
0:42:57 characteristics of a good leader
0:44:08 leadership role models
0:45:29 difficult leadership lesson
0:47:03 what does he look for when hiring leaders
0:48:04 what is organizational culture
0:49:43 how do leaders shape organizational culture
0:50:29 mentors
0:52:30 what does a good mentor do
0:53:54 how important is the mentor relationship
0:54:43 the importamce of professional organizations
0:55:29 get experience by watching senior leaders
0:56:50 why work at an FQHC
0:58:03 what to study to get into leadership at an FQHC

Topics Discussed:

Lamprey Health Care

Lowell Community Health Center

Manchester Community Health Center

Greater Lawrence Family Health Center


Babson College

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