Saturday, April 15, 2017

Susan DeMarco, Director, Organizational Development, Exeter Health Resources

Today's guest is Susan Clay DeMarco, Director of Organizational Development for Exeter Health Resources. Exeter Health Resources is a healthcare system that includes the Exeter Hospital, a 100-bed community hospital, Core Physicians, a multispecialty physician group, and Rockingham VNA. 

In this podcast, Sue shares how she started in parks and recreation management, making a transition to organizational development and healthcare later in her career. She is a professional coach, certified by the International Coach Federation, and leads Exeter Health Resources' management and leadership development programs, working with individuals and groups within the organization.

Sue is interviewed in this podcast by University of New Hampshire students Carly Barber and Jessica Fucci. 

Links to the Podcast

Podcast Outline

Time         Topic
0:01:34 background and education - parks and recreation, MPA
0:05:49 leadership in outdoor parks, learning HR by doing
0:07:28 healthcare as a second career
0:08:32 what is special about Exeter Hospital
0:10:29 senior education specialist - teaching management skills
0:13:37 what is organizational development (OD)
0:15:10 does every organizaiton have an OD specialist
0:16:04 Why OD?
0:16:56 Talent management and succession planning
0:18:53 favoirte part of being the director of OD
0:19:37 day-to-day responsibilities of the director of OD
0:22:26 working with individuals - coaching
0:24:20 behavioral coaching
0:25:37 new manager training program
0:28:45 onboarding for senior executives
0:34:01 Core Physicians
0:34:44 emotional intelligence
0:37:24 how to improve emotional intelligence
0:40:58 strengths based change and appreciative inquiry
0:43:35 executive coaching
0:47:03 which certifications were most valuable
0:49:58 characteristics of a good OD leader
0:50:56 leadership philosophy
0:52:45 characteristics of a good leader
0:54:06 who did she learn her leadership from
0:56:06 what are the challenges of teaching leadership
0:57:03 leaderhsip lessons the hard way
0:58:05 what does she look for in leaders
0:59:09 what is organizational culture
1:00:51 how do successful leaders shape organizational culture
1:02:06 Sue's mentors
1:04:59 what does a good mentor do
1:06:30 how important are mentors
1:07:05 does she mentor now
1:07:48 professional associations
1:08:52 book recommendation for early careerists
1:09:36 opportunities in organizational development field
1:10:58 advice for early careerists

Topics Discussed:

Exeter Health Resources (Exeter Hospital, Core Physicians)

also of interest:
Kevin Callahan, President and CEO of Exeter Health Resources
Chris Callahan, Vice President, Human Resources, Exeter Health Resources

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