Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dr. Skip Homicz, DDS, FAGD, Dental Director, Families First Health and Support Center

Today's guest is Skip Homicz, the Dental Director of Families First in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Families First is a Federally Qualified Health Center in the seacoast area that provides a range of health care services to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Dr. Homicz - a dentist by training - is the Dental Director at the organization. He also serves as a staff dentist as well.

Dr. Homicz is a graduate of Cornell University and Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. He served in the Navy Dental Corps before going into private practice in a small town in New Hampshire. In the early 2000s, he began the dental component of Families First, later serving as the Dental Director and the Director of the oral health component of the homeless outreach program at the center. In 2016, he was awarded the Etherington Award for his achievements in bettering the lives of others through dentistry. 

Also of special note is that this podcast was guest-hosted by Sameer Panesar, a senior at UNH, who was interested in interviewing Dr. Homicz due to Sameer's interest in going to dental school. I talk to Sameer about his takeaway from the interview at the beginning of the podcast. Sameer did a great job with the interview, and I am looking forward to having more students guest host in the future.

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Podcast Outline

(this outline applies to the full length version)

Time      Topic
0:03:20 Biology Undergrad at Cornell

0:05:25 Dentistry School at Columbia
0:07:35 US Navy Dental Corps
0:10:52 identity as a dentist
0:11:41 starting a private practice in Antrim, NH
0:15:08 comparing private practice to military practice
0:16:26 32 years of private practice
0:17:44 being the Monadanock Trustee to the NH Dental Society
0:20:07 coming to Families First as Dental Director
0:22:12 what is a federally qualified health center
0:26:19 comparing private practice to practice in an FQHC
0:30:06 why a dental practice in an FQHC
0:32:13 role of the Dental Director
0:34:35 describing the practice
0:36:41 patient volume
0:37:12 scope of service
0:41:07 financing the practice
0:45:08 why do patients come to Families First for dental care?
0:46:38 homeless program
0:50:28 the New Hampshire Dental Society
0:53:22 responsibilities as chairperson and president
0:55:09 what do people misunderstand about dentistry?
0:57:29 leadership philosophy
0:59:53 characteristics and behaviors of a good leader
1:00:53 what do you look for when hiring a leader
1:01:44 leadership learned the hard way
1:03:38 being mentored
1:07:18 being a mentor
1:09:21 what should early careerists know about dental medicine?

Topics Discussed:

Families First Health and Support Center

New Hampshire Dental Society

US Navy Dental Corps

Columbia College of Dental Medicine

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