Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Thomas C. Lavallee, COO, Alliance Health Management Services

Today’s guest is Thomas Lavallee, the Chief Operating Officer of Alliance Health Management Services. As the COO of Alliance Health Management Services, Tom oversees four skilled nursing facilities that provide both short term rehabilitation and long term care. In his role, Tom is charged with both running the day-to-day operations of the organization as well as exploring growth opportunities.

In this podcast we talk about Tom’s 25 year journey in skilled nursing and long term care, and discuss the future of both the industry and his organization.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Tom because he gives a view of the competitive nature of the long term care market and how the health reform is impacting the industry. He makes a compelling argument for early careerists to consider the field of long term care. I have produced two versions of this podcast – an extended version that includes are complete conversation, and an abridged version.

Links to the Podcast:
Extended version:
Abridged version:
Transcript of the interview is here.

Podcast Outline (this timeline refers to the extended version)

Time         Topic
0:01:44 education
0:02:44 working with individuals with intellectual disabilites
0:04:37 Social Worker - LSW-A, Liberty Commons
0:10:27 Director of Social Services, Liberty Commons
0:12:37 Administrator in Training (AIT) Program
0:14:25 becoming the Administrator for Liberty Commons
0:17:18 making the transition from supervisor to manager
0:19:53 most difficult part of becoming an administrator
0:20:43 organizational transitions, seeking growth
0:24:10 transition for for-profit/family-owned to not-for-profit
0:26:02 becoming the VP of Operations for Oakwood Living Centers
0:26:44 leading through a corporate bankruptcy
0:30:29 transferring to Radius through the bankruptcy process
0:33:44 managing multiple facilities
0:36:23 LTC - a people business
0:37:13 when did he know he was committed to LTC?
0:38:09 Regional Director for Radius
0:39:31 the Radius portfolio
0:40:09 starting a new facility
0:42:49 skilled nursing vs. assisted living
0:45:38 VP of Operations for Radius
0:47:09 senior leadership team at Radius
0:48:11 Alliance Health Management Services
0:52:00 foster care services
0:53:03 finding organizational synergies
0:54:06 role of COO, Alliance Health Management Services
0:56:22 plans for growth
0:57:35 extensions of the business - home health, hospice
1:00:08 the changing nature of LTC
1:03:22 influence of ACOs on LTC
1:06:31 vertical integration into home health
1:07:28 competitive environment
1:08:39 sources of admissions
1:09:35 what makes a good LTC facility?
1:10:55 what makes a good nursing home administrator?
1:11:32 how has the industry changed?
1:12:37 strategic concerns around industry consolidation
1:13:54 leadership philosophy
1:14:56 what he looks for in a leader
1:16:48 organizational culture
1:18:19 mentors and mentorship
1:21:33 importance of certification and professional organizaitons
1:22:49 why LTC for an early careerist?

Links to Topics Discussed

Alliance Health Management Services

Bourne Manor

Liberty Commons


Worcester State

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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