Monday, November 14, 2016

Christopher M. Callahan, VP of HR, Exeter Health Resources

Today’s guest is Christopher Callahan, the Vice President of Human Resources for Exeter Health Systems in Exeter, New Hampshire. Exeter Health Resources is a healthcare system that includes the Exeter Hospital, a 100-bed community hospital, Core Physicians, a multispecialty physician group, and Rockingham VNA. 

Chris has over 35 years of experience in human resource management in the healthcare industry, having served in a number of hospitals and health systems prior to coming to Exeter Health Resources. Human resources is a critical support function in any organization, and it has evolved dramatically, as Chris explains in the interview, from a tactical, routine paper work driven service to a strategic asset that can have a powerful impact on an organization’s success.

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Transcript: A transcript of the interview is available here.

Podcast Outline
Time      Topic
0:02:02 undergraduate work, deciding on healthcare
0:06:12 MHA at George Washington University
0:12:52 staying on with first job at Mercy
0:13:52 becoming assistant administrator for HR
0:16:45 HR as truth teller to power
0:18:31 leaving Mercy for Methodist
0:21:09 the effect of managed care on reimbursement
0:22:10 downsizing and layoffs in the late '80's
0:23:15 religious hospitals and employment as mission
0:27:44 the personal impact of doing lay offs
0:31:49 evolving from "personnel" to HR
0:40:24 VP of Patient Care Division for Northeast Health
0:43:12 St. Joseph Healthcare Services
0:46:56 Coming to Exeter Health Resources
0:50:34 the appeal of HR work
0:50:34 Exeter Health Resources 
0:54:13 organization of the HR department
0:55:28 organizational development and executive coaching
0:57:52 HR Partners
1:00:43 What makes an effective evaluation system
1:03:04 compensation and benefits
1:06:05 talent acquisition
1:10:06 leader development
1:14:28 identifying upcoming talent
1:16:01 boomerang employees
1:17:51 the most challenging part of the job
1:21:26 role as a member of the senior executive team
1:24:06 Chris's leadership philosophy
1:25:24 how has Chris's leadership style evolved
1:25:51 making the transition from tactical to strategic
1:26:50 leadership lessons learned the hard way
1:28:05 where do leaders fail?
1:29:33 where do early careerists fail?
1:31:16 how has HR in healthcare changed?
1:33:13 book recommendations
1:34:47 why a career in healthcare HR?

Links to Selected Topics Discussed

Book Recommendations

      Team of Rivals, Doris Kearns Goodwin

      Into the Storm: A Study in Command, Tom Clancy and GEN Frederick Franks

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