Thursday, October 1, 2015

Robert Mach, Executive Director for Operations, Littleton Regional Healthcare

Today’s guest is Robert Mach, the Executive Director of Operations for Littleton Regional Healthcare, and the New Hampshire Regent for the American College of Healthcare Executives. Robert has had a fascinating career starting out as an air traffic controller for the US Marine Corps, then transitioning to health care initially as a radiology technician, and working his way up into the executive ranks by, as he puts it, “putting his hand up.” In the podcast, Robert talks about his career, then shares some thoughts about his role as Regent and why ACHE is an important organization for an early careerist to consider becoming a member of.

Links to the Podcast:

Early Career and transition to healthcare – Marine Corps Aviation to Radiology Technology and Administration
Coming to Littleton Regional Healthcare, about the facility
Career at Littleton – progression from administrator to executive staff
Leadership and Mentorship
ACHE and being the New Hampshire Regent
Advice to new careerists

Links to Topics Discussed:

Littleton Regional Healthcare

American College of Healthcare Executives

Northern New England Association of Healthcare Executives

Marine Corps Aviation

Rutland Regional Medical Center

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