Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Major General Jimmie O. Keenan, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Medical Command

Today's interview is with Major General Jimmie O. Keenan, the Deputy Commanding General-Operations for the U.S. Army Medical Command, and the Chief of the Army Nurse Corps. To put Major General Keenan's accomplishments into perspective for listeners who are not familiar with the the military, the Army has approximately 492,000 active duty personnel, and only 309 general officers. Furthermore, Major General Keenan is one of only eight female major generals, and there are only four women in the Army who outrank her. In this podcast we discuss her fascinating career which ranges from time as a floor nurse to writing legislation as a congressional fellow to being second in command of one of the largest and most unusual health care systems in the United States.

Links to the Podcast:

Time              Topic

1:20-14:59     Background, early career, Army Nurse Corps opportunities
15:00-27:19   Congressional Fellowship and Congressional Liaison
27:20-30:24   Command of Camp Bullis
30:25-32:52   Chief Nurse/Deputy Commander for Nursing, DeWitt Army Health System
32:53-34:44   Chief of Staff, Warrior Transition Command
34:45-43:46   Commander (CEO), Evans Community Hospital, Ft. Carson
43:47-45:43   Commander, US Army Public Health Command and Chief of the Army Nurse Corps
45:44-49:54   Commander, Southern Regional Medical Command
49:55-58:47   Deputy Commanding General-Operations
58:48-62:18   Leadership and Mentorship
62:19-69:55  Thoughts on Cheryl Sandberg's Lean In
69:56-71:24  Advice for early careerists

Links to topics discussed:

Henderson State University
Army Nurse Corps
Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Medical College of Georgia
Congressional Fellowship Program
Camp Bullis
Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital (Formerly DeWitt Army Health System)
Expose on Walter Reed Army Medical Center by Washington Post
Warrior Transition Command
Evans Army Community Hospital
Public Health Command
Southern Regional Medical Command
US Army Medical Command
Sandburg, Lean In
MG Keenan's Army Nurse Corps reading list
American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)
Sinek - Start with Why

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