Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Seoka Salstrom, PHD, Founder & Director, Hanover Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapies


Today’s guest is Dr. Seoka Salstrom, Founder & Director of the Hanover Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, in Hanover, NH. Seoka has a phd in clinical psychology and specializes in evidence-based behavioral health interventions, with a special interest in anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. In this podcast we discuss how she grew up in a house without electricity, how she found her way to psychology through a vision quest, her rigorous training in clinical psychology, and how she has founded not one but two successful practices, and finally what her long-term goals are in building a behavioral health practice in rural New Hampshire. 

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Podcast Outline
Time        Topic
0:01:33 growing up in West Virginia - "back to the land"
0:05:53 choosing psychology
0:07:44 vision quest
0:11:39 U of GA for Clinical Psychology
0:13:54 PHD training as a clinical psychologist
0:16:50 interest in trauma research
0:19:12 pre-doctoral internship
0:22:53 post-doctoral fellowship
0:26:28 gaining licensure as a clinical psychologist
0:27:07 Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS), Chicago
0:29:15 going into private practice
0:34:15 anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders
0:39:00 why she likes to treat anxiety and OCD
0:42:12 co-founding the Chicago Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Center
0:45:12 experience of being a founder/entrepreneur
0:48:15 what made the practice successful?
0:49:17 leaving Chicago for Vermont
0:56:54 an evolving vision of the next stage
0:58:58 founding the Hanover Center of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
1:03:38 comparing HCCBT to prior practice
1:09:20 services at HCCBT
1:11:59 growth plans for HCCBT
1:15:25 developing a fund to create more equitable access to mental health care
1:19:33 generic advice for maintaining good mental health
1:24:17 the value of a multi-week backpacking trip

Topics Discussed

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