Friday, February 15, 2019

Heather Staples Lavoie, President of Geneia

Today’s guest is Heather Staples Lavoie, the President of Geneia in Manchester, New Hampshire. I had the opportunity to hear Heather speak recently at a UNH CEO forum during which she described the exciting work Geneia is doing in the health analytics field, so I invited her to be on the program to share both her journey as a serial healthcare entrepreneur, and Geneia’s story, too.

In the podcast we discuss Heather’s career and how she discovered a passion for healthcare analytics. We then talk about the various products and services Geneia has developed to help improve the delivery of healthcare and mitigate provider burnout (we talk about the Physician Misery Index Geneia has developed to measure the pain clinicians feel from the array of administrative tasks that take them away from providing care).

I really enjoyed talking with Heather because her experiences in small firms are so different from mine, and I believe analytics, AI, and machine learning are going to transform healthcare.

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Podcast Outline

Time Topic
0:01:27 education
0:03:57 moving to healthcare
0:06:17 early interest in health IT, HealthSource and Cigna
0:09:11 the draw to analytics
0:12:04 building Choicelinx, healthcare consumerism
0:19:07 "mid market customers"
0:19:40 Starting Choicelinx in a garage
0:20:18 taking the entrepreneurial leap
0:21:55 early days of a start up
0:22:34 angel and venture capital investors
0:23:57 pitching a start up to investors
0:25:32 circumstances beyond control - 9/11
0:27:32 deciding to sell Choicelinx
0:29:26 the sale to Cigna and transition to being a subsidiary
0:30:27 leaving Cigna for consulting
0:30:53 starting with Geneia, joining with Capital Blue Cross
0:32:42 the original vision for Geneia - Capial BC seeking diversification
0:35:20 what is a wholly owned subsidiary?
0:37:34 early stages of establishing the subsidiary
0:41:11 Geneia's products - Theon analytics
0:43:38 What is the value added to a community hospital?
0:48:32 argument for specialized firms doing analytics work
0:49:45 need for scale in the healthcare market, driven by payment models
0:50:51 management of client data
0:52:10 the Physician Misery Index
0:56:15 how Geneia's interface helps with decision making
0:57:46 remote patient monitoring services
1:04:46 other services
1:05:57 looking into the future - AI and Machine Learning
1:08:38 leading in an entrepreneurial organization
1:11:32 finding the right people
1:15:04 career opportunities in health analytics

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