Friday, May 15, 2015

Tim Soucy, Director of the Manchester Health Department

This week's guest is Tim Soucy, the Director of the Manchester Health Department. Tim started in the Department as a health inspector and worked his way up to the be the Director in 2006. In this podcast, Tim talks about his 25 years of service to his home city, how the Department has evolved, and the challenges and opportunities public health workers face everyday trying to make Manchester a safer and healthier city.

Links to the Podcast:

Time                 Topic

1:03-8:29           Manchester - Challenges and Opportunities

8:30-13:04         Early career as a health inspector

13:05-19:18      Transition to leadership: Chief, Environmental Health

19:19-30:11       Public Health post-9/11        

30:12-43:08      The mission of the Department; the mission of the divisions

                              School Health Division
                              Community Health Division
                              Chronic Disease Prevention and Neighborhood Health Division

43:09-55:22      The Neighborhood Health Improvement Strategy

55:23-58:36      Public Health and the Direct Healthcare Delivery System

58:37-66:10      How the Department has changed in 25 years; the future of Public Health; 
                          thoughts on leadership and mentorship

Links Discussed:

Manchester Health Department 

New Hampshire Institute for Local Public Health Practice at the Manchester Health Department

Manchester Health Department Health Clinics

Neighborhood Health Improvement Strategy

National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

Masters of Public Health, University of New Hampshire

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