Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Kelly Barton, President of Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Today’s guest is Kelly Barton, President of Maine Behavioral Healthcare, part of the MaineHealth System. Maine Behavioral Healthcare offers a full spectrum of behavioral health care, from community-based counseling and rehabilitation to a dedicated behavioral health hospital. 
In this podcast we talk about Kelly’s career journey starting as a unit coordinator in the emergency department through leadership roles in a variety of organizations. We discuss some of the challenges facing behavioral health providers currently, and we close on a discussion of leadership.

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Monday, December 18, 2023

Paul Forte, PhD, CEO of FedPoint


Today’s guest is Paul E. Fort, the CEO of FedPoint. FedPoint is a fast-growing provider of benefit administration and technology solutions for large institutional sponsors, with focus on the federal government of the United States and its numerous departments and agencies. 

In this podcast we talk about Paul’s unusual career journey to become an insurance executive – he first earned a PhD in Renaissance English Literature before making his way into the insurance industry. Paul began working in the long-term care insurance space in the late ‘80’s, and has been a leader in the field for decades. Not only has he led FedPoint’s growth, but he has also published a number of articles making recommendations to the industry on how to reform long-term care insurance to make it more affordable and sustainable. We close on a discussion of leadership.

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NYT/KFF article discussed: Facing Financial Ruin as Costs Soar for Elder Care

Paul Forte, Realigning LTCI—Private Long-Term Care Insurance and the Health Care Continuum

Richard Hooker Wikipedia Site:

Monday, October 24, 2022

Dr. Jeffrey Fetter, MD, Chief Medical Officer, New Hampshire State Hospital

Today’s guest is Dr. Jeffrey Fetter, the Chief Medical Officer for the New Hampshire State Hospital. Dr. Fetter is a board-certified physician in both internal medicine and psychiatry, and has spent his career caring for some of the most vulnerable patients in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire State Hospital is a secure, inpatient psychiatric hospital for patients with serious mental illness. In this podcast we talk about Dr. Fetter’s journey through medicine, including how he was sure the one specialty he would not do was psychiatry, to his previous roles as the chief medical officer for a community mental health clinic and chief medical officer for the New Hampshire state prison system. This is a great conversation about the practice of medicine, but also about the importance of physician leadership.

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New Hampshire State Hospital

Riverbend Community Mental Health Clinic

Dartmouth Health Residency Programs 


Thursday, September 15, 2022

Jason Dupuis, Chief Patient Experience Officer, PM Pediatric Care

Today’s guest is Jason Dupuis, the Chief Patient Experience Officer for PM Pediatric Care. In this podcast we talk about his early career at Boston Children’s where he rose to the director of the Emergency Department before he was thirty, and then how he got a job with PM Pediatric Care when it was an emerging pediatrics urgent care chain because he had written his master’s thesis on the need for pediatrics urgent care in Massachusetts. When the founders heard what he had written, they told him to write his own job description. I had a lot of fun with this interview because Jason is also an alumni of my department’s undergraduate program and I’ve known him for several years, though I had never had the chance to hear his whole story. 

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dr. Bill Hudenko, PhD, Global Head of Mental Health at K Health

Today’s guest is Dr. Bill Hudenko. Dr. Hudenko is a licensed psychologist who has extensive clinical experience working with children who have disruptive-behavior disorders and autism-spectrum disorders. Dr. Hudenko is is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College, an Adjunct Assistant Professor of clinical psychology at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine. He is also an entrepreneur and innovator in the area text-based behavioral health care. In this interview, we talk about how he came to the field of psychology, his research into laughter, and how his love of technology, and desire for an iPad, led him to explore text-based psychotherapy, and ultimately set him on the road to being an entrepreneur in the field of behavioral health. 

You’ll hear me say, “wow!” a lot in this interview because Dr. Hudenko’s research and entrepreneurial efforts, especially now with his role at K-Health, seem to promise real improvements in cost, access, and quality for healthcare. 

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K Health

Voi Health

Dartmouth Health Bio

Article: Laughter differs in children with autism: An acoustic analysis of laughs produced by children with and without the disorder

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Colonel Tanya Peacock, Commander, BG Crawford F. Sams Army Health Clinic/MEDDAC-Japan


Today’s guest is my friend and former colleague, Colonel Tanya Peacock. Colonel Peacock has had a fascinating career from being a medevac pilot flying black hawks to being the vice provost of the Army Medical Department’s facility for training the majority of medical specialties in the Army, to being the Commander of the BG Crawford F. Sams Army Health Clinic in Camp Zama Japan.

In this podcast, Colonel Peacock shares her career journey, what it was like to command a military clinic in a foreign country during a pandemic, and we conclude with advice for emerging leaders.

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Topics Discussed

Army Health Clinic BG Crawford Sams-Camp Zama

U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence

US Army Medical Service Corps

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Tyler Jamison, PhD, UNH Human Development and Family Studies

Today’s guest is my colleague Dr. Tyler Jamison, associate professor of Human Development and Family studies here at the University of New Hampshire. Tyler is an expert in the field of young adult romantic relationships. I asked Tyler to join me today because romantic relationships are an important part of health and leading a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

In this podcast we talk about how Tyler came to study emerging adults and romantic relationships, what emerging adulthood is, and ultimately how leaders should understand that emerging adults have unique needs particular to their life-stage. 

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Topics Discussed

Tyler Jamison home page

UNH Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Assembly Required - Prof. Jamison's blog on Psychology Today

Article: Relationship form and function: Exploring meaning-making in young adults' romantic histories

Article: Identifying a Typology of Emerging Adult Romantic Relationships: Implications for Relationship Education

Article: Feeling Stuck: Exploring the Development of Felt Constraint in Romantic Relationships

Miami University

University of Missouri - Human Development and Family Science